Thinking Horsemanship weekend

Lectures and practical demonstrations with Ben Hart, Catherine Bell and Suzanne Rogers

When: Arrive 9.45 for a 10am start on the Saturday. Finish around 4pm on the Sunday.  


Cost: £160 for the weekend (members £150). To include course notes and refreshments. Under 18s half price. Pay using PayPal links below. Members

We have run this weekend in Norfolk and Surrey and are now coming to XXXXXX! There will be interactive theory sessions on general horse behaviour and body language, practical sessions on assessing horses in terms of learning style and individuality, shaping, handling and compassionate training, and presentations and discussions exploring our relationships with horses and the ethics of how we train them.

We will explore autonomy in our  relationships with horses. Throughout the weekend there will be references to other domesticated species and those kept in captivity and the parallels we can draw and the lessons we can learn about how we can improve the lives of our horses and those we work with.

You won’t leave  with a method or model of one-size-fits-all horsemanship but  will have the information needed to understand equine behaviour and learning theory to enable safer, more effective and ethical choices to be made about the way you manage and train your horse.

Pay by PayPal using the links below or send a cheque, payable to ‘Learning About Animals’, to:

Suzanne Rogers, 6 Fern Cottages, Dorking Road, Abinger Hammer, Dorking, Surrey, RH5 6SA.

E-mail: Suzanne@learningaboutanimals.co.uk

Please let me know at time of booking if you require a certificate of attendance of the course for your records.

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Ben Hart: Ben uses the practical application of human behaviour to deliver training courses, workshops, clinics, home visits and books that are ethical and tailor made to individual training situations. Ben helps people, horses, donkeys and mules reach their true potential. The science of behaviour allows a truthful understanding of communication and learning both in equine and humans; the art of behaviour develops the feel that allows the practical application of the science. Ben runs Harts Horsemanship and Ben Hart training services. Ben trains people and animals in the UK and overseas.

Suzanne Rogers: Suzanne runs Learning About Animals organising events in behaviour and welfare and providing equine behaviour consultations - however her primary career is her consultancy work with animal welfare organisations in the field of human behaviour change for animal welfare. She has managed and acted as an advisor for numerous projects in the UK and overseas with organisations including WSPA, IFAW, World Horse Welfare and Humane Society International. She is also a co-founder and programme advisor for Change For Animals Foundation, which values the importance of understanding human behaviour to truly create a change for animals.

Catherine Bell: Catherine is an equine behaviourist/barefoot trimmer and former academic who now home educates her two children.  She believes strongly in the need to promote choice and autonomy in her work and family life, however difficult that may sometimes be. Working with horses, horse-owners and children has led her to the understanding that we cannot make or even motivate people to want to learn or change. Instead we can use a deep understanding of human behaviour to inspire and facilitate so that people become motivated to make changes from a position of true autonomy. When clients, animals or children are empowered to make their own choices then change can be less about compliance and more about a whole new way of life.