Behaviourists for Blackfish


How to help: buy a whale bag and get other people to buy one too!







Choice of colours - ocean blue, coral pink, driftwood brown or pale blue.

Blue whale shoulder bag - an organic cotton bag with a drawstring at the top; the bag folds up into the pocket.

Whale bags cost £10; please email to arrange payment by BACS or cheque or pay by Paypal using the link below. Email to  let me know your choice of colour.  Price includes postage within UK.





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How to help: Become a member of Behaviourists for Blackfish

(If you are not working as a behaviourist but would like to be involved you are welcome to join! ‘Behaviourists-and-anyone-else-who-is-interested-in-animal-behaviour-and-welfare for Blackfish’ was a bit less catchy)

All memberships valid for 1 year. All include free entry to members-only raffles that will occur regularly throughout 2014.

Membership Level 1: £20
Package: a) Your name (and a link to your website if you have one) on the Behaviourists for Blackfish web pages - a new one will be created with a list of people involved. You will be encouraged to display the ‘Behaviourists for Blackfish’ logo on your website to raise awareness amongst your clients and to show that talking about meeting the needs of animals applies to all animals. b) A lovely warm feeling you are contributing to something special. Of course you can remain anonymous if you wish.

Membership Level 2: Sponsor £30
Package: As for level 1 PLUS level 2 members will be asked to draw an orca (any doodle will do) and sign it and the drawings will be scanned and put together to make  a pod of orca for various cunning ideas yet to be divulged. We have some orca doodles from some quite famous people so yours can swim in good company. Plus a couple of goodies from yet-to-be-identified sponsors! We will get sponsorship of some kind during the course of your membership and pass on goodies as we get them including on your birthday. Sometimes surprises are good - like when they help whales. So take a leap of faith - a much better kind of leap than the ones the whales do as tricks for audiences.....

Membership Level 3: Sponsor £50
Package: As for level 2 PLUS an extra special goodie bag of prizes - as above. Sometimes big surprises are even better than smaller ones - especially when they help whales.

Extra-heroic membership: Sponsor £150
All the above PLUS help us develop the film and other ideas by becoming a full member of the BfB team. Other members will be donating much more than £100 so this is a really unique opportunity to get involved and the lovely warm feeling you get when contributing to something special will be even more lovely than any of the other levels of membership because you’ll have an even bigger part in the campaign.

To join use the links to the left.

We are very very nervous about fundraising because we hate asking people for money. So we have worked out ways that you can get something in return for your money and if you have any suggestions or anything you can sell/offer etc then please get in touch.


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Pay using these links or email suzanne@learningbaboutanimals.co.uk to arrange payment by BACS or cheque

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