Rabbits and small furries

Links about small animal behaviour

1. Rabbit body language: Happy Hopper’s guide to bunny language LINK

2. The binky: The behaviour when a rabbit suddenly jumps in the air is called a binky. Rabbits seem to perform this behaviour out of exuberance and happiness - technically it is thought to be a play behaviour with the function of practicing anti-predator responses and also part of reproduction rituals. Here is a video with lots of binkies.... LINK

3. Digging: This video was better before the sound was muted due to copyright but still shows the stages of a rabbit digging a hole. You can see the digging behaviour, flattening behaviour etc. In the wild, females tend to do the majority of digging the burrows but males do 'maintenance' digging too. LINK

4. Chinning: This video shows 'chinning' behaviour or scent marking. Rabbits have scent glands in various places including their cheeks/chins. LINK

5. Wild rabbits: Behaviour of wild rabbits LINK

6. Rabbit body language: Some body language tips from Clicker Bunny - some of the videos are worth a watch too (links on left) LINK

7. Book recommendation: Just a reminder about this excellent book, lots of behaviour in it, lots of pictures, great for adults and teenagers alike and the author is lovely too LINK

8. Chinchillas: All you need to know about caring for chinchillas (APBC article) LINK

9.  Rats: Keeping rats as pets (APBC article) LINK

10. Hamsters: How to handle hamsters (APBC article by Emma Magnus) LINK

11. Mice: Agility training mice LINK

12. Degu behaviour and noises LINK


Ideas for enrichment

1. Pinatas for rabbits LINK

2. Runaround tunnels: We like the idea of these systems in some ways - they are an alternative to a tiny hutch and preserve a precious garden but we don't think they really have rabbit behaviour in mind. The black tunnel connectors are good and could lead to bigger areas etc. But the mesh tunnels might be quite scary for rabbits who are 'designed' to be able to run in any direction in an open area, not just along a tunnel. LINK

3. We love this poster - highlighting a key behavioural need in a simple clear way LINK

4. Enrichment/behaviour video LINK

5. We quite like the PDSA's info on rabbit behaviour - is a call for owners to make changes to their pet's environment LINK

6. Lots of ideas here LINK



-  Interesting study into the genetics of the domestication of wild rabbits - includes interesting bits on flight behaviour etc LINK

- Pet safety guide - comprehensive resource to help people understand the essentials to pet safety; includes chapters on food safety, pet-proofing, safety for specialty and exotic pets, and natural disaster safety. LINK

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