Get in touch for a scientific, yet compassionate, approach to solving problems or just for improving your relationship with your horse.

I am a qualified equine behaviourist and provide consultations in Surrey and surrounding areas. I am available for behaviour consultations, 1-1 behaviour lessons, group lessons, talks and workshops at your yard. Details of all these services and prices are available here.

I am passionate about encouraging horse owners to learn more about equine behaviour to benefit everyday management and training - you or your horse don’t have to have a problem to be interested in behaviour. We can learn about how your horse learns, about his/her ‘personality’ and so much more - behaviour is fascinating.

What  problems can I help with?

I support horses and clients through solving a variety of behavioural problems including loading, aggression, handling (e.g. grooming, being shod, being handled by vets/equine dentists), clipping, separation anxiety, horses that don't like to be tacked up (if medical problems have been ruled out) or have a fear of being bridled to list just a few.

I can also provide ideas on how to manage your horse in a more natural way within the restraints of your yard and how to improve your relationship with your horse. I could help if your horse needs box rest by providing lots of ideas for how you can make the confinement more bearable for your horse and how to manage transitions through the stages of rehabilitation.

I am a total behaviour geek and enjoy working with people and horses. Equine behaviour is a fascinating subject and most clients find that once they understand the root of the issues they have been having with their horse, working towards solutions is a hugely enjoyable process that ends in a great sense of achievement and a deeper relationship with your horse.

More information about what will happen at a consultation is available here.

My approach (which isn’t really ‘mine’ at all but involves understanding the reason for why horses do the things they do and knowing how to change that from applying study into learning theory, neurobiology, ethology, welfare and counselling) ensures that the cause of the behaviour is fully addressed, rather than just the symptoms, and that the problem is solved for the long-term, not just at the time of the consultation.

Equine Behaviour and Welfare Consultant

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By law, I only work under veterinary referral but this can be sorted out easily - I will call your vets to arrange it, you don’t need to do anything (no charge).

I am a Certified Horse Behaviour Consultant (CHBC) with the International Association of Animal Behaviour Consultants (IAABC) and through this affiliation I am also registered with the ABTC.