Learning About Animals was founded by Suzanne Rogers BSc (Hons). Now the work is shared with some volunteers who help out at events, help with resource development and anything else they are interested in. If you would like to become involved please get in touch. To find out more about Suzanne click here.

Educational events: Although Britain is considered to be a nation of animal lovers there aren’t many events where we can learn more about our pets and other animals. Even if you have a qualification and work with animals after University there aren’t many places to continue to learn and keep up-to-date with new information and research. This website was set up to provide information and promote interest in the welfare and behaviour of animals. The aim is to bridge the gap between professionals and scientists working with animals and the public. If you have any suggestions for future events or if you would like to be considered to be a speaker please get in touch. A full list of past events is here. If you would like to be added to the  monthly newsletter, please e-mail me (suzanne@learningaboutanimals.co.uk).

Animal welfare consultancy: Professionally, I am an animal welfare consultant with a broad range of experience of hands-on project work overseas (specialising in participatory approaches) and in the UK, project management work and desk-based research work.

Equine behaviour: I am a qualified equine behaviourist and run consultations in Surrey and surrounding areas. I also work as an equine behaviour advisor as part of the animal welfare consultancy work mentioned above and until recently used to run projects worldwide on equine welfare.  Click here for more details about equine consults and here for more information about me, Suzanne Rogers.

Resources and shop: This section includes a variety of resources about animal behaviour and welfare. There will also be a shop if you fancy treating yourself! During 2015 this will be expanded significantly.

Thanks to my friend Simon Bradbrook for designing the Learning About Animals logo.

“Animals can communicate quite well. And they do. And generally speaking, they are ignored.” Alice Walker


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