HORSES: Practical session – Enrichment and Shaping

Various dates: UK wide with various partners of Learning About Animals.
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What do horses really want?


As humans we tend not to be very good at thinking from the horse’s perspective. We often keep them in a way we think they want to be kept but what do they actually want?


We like to be tucked up in bed for a long night's sleep so tend to “put our horses to bed” early evening.  Horses, however, only sleep for a maximum of 4 hours out of 24 so what can they do the rest of the night? We like to eat three meals a day but horses have evolved to eat for 16-18 hours in every 24. We should stop thinking about what WE think horses need and learn about what they really need. Even on the busiest yard there are little changes you can make that your horse will appreciate.


There are many different methods of training out there and it can be difficult for owners to find what suits them and their horse best. Shaping, doing things in small steps, is simple and intuitive way to get back on track with your training.

Course leader Surrey: Suzanne Rogers is an equine behaviourist, animal welfare consultant and educator. She runs Learning About Animals – her aim is to tackle behavioural issues starting with prevention by providing up-to-date scientific education in an understandable way for pet owners and animal professionals. She regularly lectures in the field of animal behaviour and works with many animal welfare organisations both in the UK and in developing countries.

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The session first considers environmental enrichment (stable and field) for domestic horses and then explores the art and science of shaping - teaching horses in small steps.

These sessions are run in small groups so everyone will have a chance to participate.

If you would like Learning About Animals to run a session exploring these issues at your yard let us know. You don't have to be local to Surrey, UK - we have a network of people who could run this for you so just get in touch if you are interested.