What to expect at a consultation

Calling out a professional can be nerve wracking but please don’t worry, you won’t be asked to do anything you are uncomfortable with and we will work together to ensure that by the end of the consultation you have a plan you are happy with and the support you need to carry it out.

First I will meet you and your horse. I will ask you lots of questions about his/her history - things like what you know about his early life, current management regime, details above the problem, your hopes and goals. This is to enable me to fully understand the problem and tailor the advice I give to be the best possible for you, your horse and the environment you are in.

We will then explore the reasons for your horse's behaviour and discuss potential ways we can go about solving the problem. We will create a program that suits you and your horse and start to work through it together. I will provide a summary of the consultation with step-by-step guides for you to work through so you don’t have to remember everything that we talk about at the consultation.

I provide full back-up by phone and email if needed and can come out for as many consultations as you require (follow-up consultations £35 an hour plus any travel if outside my core area).  

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