2015 and 2016: Variety of events, will update soon.

Introduction to the biomechanics of riding with Sally Ede
Behaviour of small furries by Dr Anne McBride
Dogs that bite and fight with David Ryan
The behaviourally aware puppy party with Denise Nuttall
Dog-Dog aggression cases with Denise Nuttall
Behaviour consultations with Kendal Shepherd
Animal healing with Margrit Coates
Human behaviour change for behaviourists with Ben Hart and Suzanne Rogers
Pets behaving badly - could they be ill? With Caroline Warnes

Home checking course with Suzanne Rogers
Scent workshop with David Ryan
Exploring neutering with Caroline Warnes
First aid for dogs with Claire Hemmings
Dogs and babies with Suzanne Rogers
Shaping and enrichment with Suzanne Rogers
Dog aggression with Denise Nuttall


Rabbit behaviour workshop with Suzanne Rogers
The holistic nature of canine behaviour problems with David Ryan
Exploring equine cognition with Leanne Proops
Exploring calmness in dogs with Amber Batson
Entertaining cats: feline enrichment with Sarah Elis
Temperament testing and behavioural assessment in dogs with Sarah Fisher, Anne McBride, Kendal Shepherd, Sue Ketand and Jaq Bunn
First aid for dogs with Claire Hemmings

Series of three events exploring leadership with horses - Ben Hart
Dog memory with Amber Batson
Canine aggression follow-up with Kendal Shepherd
Equine behaviour days with Suzanne Rogers (series)
Dog communication with Suzanne Rogers
Dogs as a social species with Lynne Barber


Cat behaviour mornings with Amber Batson
Equine behaviour day with Heather Simpson
Canine Aggression with Kendal Shepherd
Predatory Chase Seminar with David Ryan


Exploring Language in Animals with Dr Britta Osthaus
Equine Behaviour Day with Suzanne Rogers
What Science can tell us about the Intelligence of Dogs with Dr Britta Osthaus
Horse sense and handling with Ben Hart
Beyond Dominance with Amber Batson


Canine communication uncovered with Amber Batson
Canine Communication Practical Workshop with Amber Batson
Equine behaviour workshop with Ben Hart
Rabbit behaviour morning with Suzanne Rogers
Problem solving 2-day workshop (dog behaviour) with Amber Batson
Rabbit behaviour workshop for World Animal Day


Animal learning workshop with David Appleby
Animal communication: a morning with Dr Karen McComb
Animals and Us: a morning with Cara Williams and Troy Bennett
Rabbit behaviour workshop with Emma Magnus
Cat behaviour day
Enrichment day
Dog behaviour day  with Peter Neville


Rabbit behaviour morning with Dr Anne McBride
The Myths of Human/Canine Dominance Exposed’ with Barry Eaton
Thoughts on horsemanship with Ben Hart
What makes cats tick? Feline behaviour with Francesca Riccomini

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