Newsletter – October 2017

Learning About Animals was set up to provide information and promote interest in the welfare and behaviour of animals. The aim is to bridge the gap between professionals  & scientists working with animals and the public.

If you have any suggestions for future events, if you would like to be considered to be a speaker, or if you would like to get involved in helping at the events, or projects please get in touch.


Recent research  and links of interest

1. The science behind why some people love animals and some don’t. LINK

2. Do dogs understand play signals given by humans? LINK

3. Dogs are more expressive when someone is looking. LINK

4. Do animals get bored? LINK

5. Is there a bright side to Brexit? LINK

6. By two years of age, around 70 per cent of cats and 80 per cent of dogs have some form of it [periodontal disease], with small and toy breed dogs particularly susceptible." What a depressing statistic!  LINK
























When we put this picture on Facebook it generated considerable interest.  It seems that the issue is a cause of many stressful walks and underlines the importance of getting behavioural help when needed as many issues of dog-reactivity can be greatly helped or resolved when some careful behavioural advice is put into practice.

Sponsor a fun education session for children

I regularly run sessions for Brownies, Guides, Pony Club and similar groups. If you'd like to sponsor a session it would be greatly appreciated as then I can do more of them. £25 supports my expenses to attend and also money towards things like mending my still ailing blow up zebra, buying materials and developing the content. The groups usually run a collection for an animal charity - part of the Friends to Animals badge is to identify an issue and charity to support. The sessions aim to excite children about animals, to get them interested in and foster compassion towards them.


Motivational Interviewing - CPD for professionals. (HBCA partner event) DETAILS.

Equine behaviour problem solving. Headley Riders - LINK to book.

The Challenging Behaviour Case - with Amber Batson. DETAILS

More coming soon

Motivational Interviewing with Alison Bard  

This event is valuable CPD for animal professionals. For details see the HBCA website at http://www.hbcforanimals.com/motivation al-interviewing2.html

Three small ways to help animals today...

1. Stand up for animals - this PSA about anti-bullying is powerful with regard to humans - how could you stand up for an animal today?

2. Enrichment for your pet - one to do with children - shut your dog out of the room while your child lays a trail of small dog treats, perhaps in the shape of a heart or bone, then let the dog back into the room and enjoy watching him/her gobble up the treats one by one.

3. Buy  someone doing amazing things a ‘coffee’ - https://ko-fi.com/A1013MPQ The work Lisa Lanfear does for horses across Swansea is inspirational, do check out the project.

You may never know what results come from your actions, but if you do nothing, there will be no results" Gandhi


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Firework season is coming... Remember it's OK to comfort your fearful dog.

Here are some links explaining why.

http://www.patriciamcconnell.com/theo therendoftheleash/you-cant-reinforce-fear-dogs-and-thunderstorms


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IOh pr3NO3TY