big discounts on event fees

Many people repeatedly attend Learning About Animals events and this is greatly appreciated. This membership scheme will give you reduced ticket prices to events and enable me to line up some big names with more advance notice than usual.

For £20 up-front membership fee you receive a discount of up to 20% from each event. This means that you only need to attend two or three events in a year to make your £20 back and in some cases a little profit! If you attend more events you’ll save money each time.

Additional benefits:

- Two week’s advance notice of general publicising of events to enable members to secure tickets. Some events are very popular and sell out quickly so this gives you more chance of securing a place.

The small print:

- Discount not available for a few events due to the way LAA is charged for them. If you are a member and book for an event without a discount you will receive a small free gift!

- Membership fee valid for one year from when you join and discounts only apply to you, not any friends.

Membership Scheme

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