Horse links

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Enrichment and training

1. Equine Behaviour and Training Association LINK

2. Enrichment: Great resource with lots of ideas for enrichment of horses LINK

3. Shaping plans: Ben Hart provides excellent training opportunities and resources. His shaping plans are a must-have for everyone’s tool box. LINK

4. Amusing and ‘not restrained’ view on join up LINK

5. Are We Habituating to Inaccurate Terminology within the Field of Equestrian Science, and is this Overshadowing Our Progress? Article by Mat Ward and Catherine Bell LINK

6. What is clicker training and what do I need to understand before I start? LINK


Forums and resources

1. The Equine Behaviour Forum. LINK

2. Excellent blog and forum - The Thinking Horsemanship Forum. LINK

3. Publications from the Havemeyer Equine Behaviour Laboratory. LINK          

4. Veterinary Education and Information Network. LINK.



Equine behaviourists Surrey

1. Suzanne Rogers, Learning About Animals LINK

2. Catherine Bell’s Equine Mind and Body Website LINK



1. Exploring the ethology of dominance in horses LINK

2. EPONA tv - internet-based horse channel LINK