How horses would want to be managed and trained

Saturday 4th June 2016

Price: £22, £18 LAA members  (free for under 18s)

When: Arrive 9.30 for a 9.45 am start, finish around  1 pm.

Where: Wotton Village Hall, Near Dorking, Surrey

How horses would want to be managed and trained with Jane Myers and Suzanne Rogers
Two speakers who couldn’t be more passionate about the management and training of horses.

How closely would horses chose to graze near poo? How do horses manage their time if left to their own devices? These are just some of the questions Jane Myers will answer in her fascinating talk  focussing on equine grazing behaviour  but covering all sorts of fascinating aspects of equine behaviour.


Suzanne will then cover how to have a happy horse and explore how different training methods really work. She will also cover questions such as how can you tell from a horse’s body language if they are enjoying the training or not? How can you find what works for you and your horse given all the different information out there?

Pay by PayPal using the links below or send a cheque, payable to ‘Learning About Animals’, to Suzanne Rogers, 6 Fern Cottages, Dorking Road, Abinger Hammer, Dorking, Surrey, RH5 6SA. E-mail: Suzanne@learningaboutanimals.co.uk

Please let me know at time of booking if you require a certificate of attendance of the course for your records.

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