The Appliance of (Equine) Science

Saturday 7th May 2016 (morning)

Price: £25, £20 LAA members  (or £35/£27 for members/nonmembers also attending the chicken event in the afternoon)

When: Arrive 9.45 for a 10am start, finish around  1 pm.

Where: Wotton Village Hall, between Guildford and Dorking, Surrey (easy access of the M25, M3 and relatively near a railway station).

‘The appliance of (equine) science’


Early in 2015, the media delighted in saying our chances of suffering from cancer was genetic pot-luck. By the end of the year, with the excesses of Christmas looming and obesity in the political cross-hairs of the new Chief Medical Officer, the press jumped on the chance to report the likelihood of getting cancer is 80% lifestyle-related and only 20% genetic. What are we supposed to believe?...


In the horse-world, where it seems there are very few certainties, having some claim to ‘science’ can lend an air of authority, and give you the edge over your competitors. Also, with the rise of geek-chic and the internet, science is suddenly cool. No wonder there has been a clamor for equine businesses to use it in their marketing! It doesn’t matter that when the average horse owner sees ‘science’ attached to a service or product, it can be met with anything from suspicion and rejection, to unquestioning compliance and a feeling of self-justification. Businesses know their intended customer! We’re all being subconsciously ‘played’.


So, let’s get under the skin of science. How valid are customer testimonies (beyond the ‘placebo-effect’), where is science done, who funds it, where are the papers, how do you interpret them, how can you spot the limitations? ….and maybe we’ll take a closer look at those cancer headlines, while we’re at it!


Workshop – 3 hours. Learning outcomes:


By the end of the workshop you will be able to:


1) List the main approaches to scientific research using the information provided


2) Identify common mistakes researchers make by reviewing the papers presented


3) Discuss the limitations of a scientific study by designing your own simple experiment with guidance.

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The speaker: Sharon Smith PGDip BHSPT SEBC(Reg.)

Sharon recently studied neurophysiology as part of the MSc Applied Equine Science at the Royal Agricultural University and is now in the middle of her dissertation. She is an experienced and qualified trainer, behaviourist, SEBC examiner and freelance riding instructor. The horse that started all this, Sam, has forgiven her past and still tolerates her efforts to apply the skills she learned at Talland School of Equitation. Although he wishes she would lose a few pounds.

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