Dogs and Babies talks

The talks are run through various baby and parenting groups. Contact me for a list of talks near you. Learning About Animals has representatives giving these talks across the UK.

Next talk in Surrey - to be announced

If you are a dog professional and would like to give these talks please follow this LINK.

Many people have very fond memories of growing up with dogs in the family. However, sadly it can go wrong resulting in dogs being given up to rescue centres, children who are scared of dogs, and sometimes worse. Problems often arise due to unrealistic expectations of dogs, misinterpreting or not understanding their behaviour and body language, and not spotting the warning signs for when a dog is just not coping with a baby or young child. This session will explore how to prepare your dog for a new addition to the family, and provide some tips for how to manage a dog and a baby, but the focus will be on understanding dog behaviour and body language to ensure your two legged family and four legged family all get along! Whether you have dogs in the family, or visit people with dogs, this interactive presentation will be useful and interesting.




For more information please contact Suzanne@learningaboutanimals.co.uk

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