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Links about  dog behaviour

- Brilliant resource explaining why the dominance model with reference to dog training is outdated and flawed. LINK

- Why won’t dominance die (APBC article by David Ryan) LINK

- Rehabilitation: the missing link to canine behaviour modification (APBC article by Kym Lawrence) LINK

- Neutering male dogs: the behavioural effects of castration (APBC article by Mat Ward) LINK

- Fearful dogs - website with lots of resources and articles about fearful dogs - LINK

- Online dog body language course - only $30, worth every penny LINK

- TED talk - how do dogs see with their noses LINK

- Wise words in a video blog from Prof John Bradshaw LINK

- Enrichment suggestions LINK

- Canine body language video LINK

- Do dogs  understand play signals from humans? LINK


Where to go for help?

- Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors (APBC) LINK

- Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) LINK

- International Applied Animal Behaviour Counsellors (IAABC) LINK

- Pet safety guide - comprehensive resource to help people understand the essentials to pet safety; includes chapters on food safety, pet-proofing, safety for specialty and exotic pets, and natural disaster safety. LINK


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