Links about whales, dolphins and porpoises

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Links about cetacean behaviour

- Rare footage of humpback whales sleeping LINK

- Great summary considering dolphin behaviour and sentience LINK

-How smart are dolphins? TED talk with Lori Marino LINK

- Great retrospective 11 minute film on Keiko the orca. Pity it is a little weak at the end in the need to give the current orca in captivity a chance at rehabilitation or at least to live the rest of their lives in sea pens but worth a watch LINK

- Beautiful website about pilot whales created by a resident of the Faroe islands to try to raise awareness of these animals in her region LINK

- Another talk by Dr Lori Marino explores how human and dolphin brains are the same, but different, and how awareness and behavior mirror brain anatomy LINK


- Whales belong in the wild, not in captivity - a short film featuring Dr Ingrid Visser LINK

- Excelled TED talk by Dr Naomi Rose LINK

- “Say no to orca circuses campaign” - LAA is one of the many organisations supporting this campaign. Sign the petition at LINK




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